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Entrend Brands

Five designers with one goal--Really Cute Kid's Clothing & Accessories.  

Better Dressed Child, JellyLou Creations, LisaLisa Designs, Pinkie Punks and I have come together to create a unique shopping experience.  We have a passion for creating amazing handmade kid's clothing and accessories.  

 We met in the cyber boutique world and quickly became friends and huge supporters of each of our shops.  Together we decided to join forces and create a  Facebook Group together and link our websites!  

Kim, Lisa, Jennifer and I have become great friends, even though I have only met Kim in person.  We work together to make each other better, brainstorm and have a good laugh. 

Please check out their websites and support these amazing shops!

Jellylou Creations-- www.jellyloucreations.com 

LisaLisa Designs--www.lisalisadesigns.com

Better Dressed Child --www.betterdressedchild.com

Pinkie Punks-- www.pinkiepunks.com